BREAKDANCE WORKSHOP mit BBoy Kill – 21.05.

BBOY KILL  (Korea)

Date: 21.05.

Time: 18:30 – 20:30
+ 1hour Session after

Style: Breakdance
Workshop-Topic: Stretching exercises,Freeze and p owermove combinations, techniques
Level: Intermediate (Powermove basic experiences)

Price (p. Workshops): academy member 23 Euro / extern 28 Euro

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2009 France Trophy Masters 5on5 Winner
2009 China OBE 2on2 Battle Winner
2010 Austria DOYOBE 5on5 Battle Winner
2010&2011 Taiwan City War Crew Battle Winner
2012 Talent Medal of Korea
2012 Italy International Bboy Games 2on2 Winner
2012 Taiwan Challenge Cup power move seven to smoke Battle Winner
2012 France Break The Floor 1on1 power move Battle Winner
2013 Ballerina Who Loved a B-boy, Main actor
2013 Battle of the year : the dream team movie shoot
2013 Taiwan City War Crew Battle Winne
2013 Chelles Battle Pro Korea Winner
2013 France Break The Floor 4on4 Battle Winner
2013 Australia Destructive Steps 5 3on3 Battle Winner
2013 Japan World Dance Colosseum 2on2 Battle Winner
2013 France WSD 6on6 Battle Winner
2013 Belgium THE LCB 2on2 Battle Winner
2014 R16 Final Winner
2014 France Trophy Masters 5on5 Winner
2014&2015 Mnet Dancing 9 Winner
2015 Performance <SADNESS>
2015 Korea Ulsan Summer Wars Vol.7 3on3 Battle Winner
2015 Bomb Jam Korea Elimination 2on2 Battle Winner
2016 G-Shock Shock The World 2016 in Japan 3on3 Battle Winner
2016 Bucheon Bboy International Championships(BBIC) World Final 4on4 Battle Winner
2016 Korea Ulsan Summer Wars Vol.8 5on5 Battle Winner
2017 Asia Break The Floor 4on4 Battle Winner
2017 Belgium Unbreakable Battle Winner
2017 K-Culture Show „Stellar Traditions“ Supporting actor
2017 France WPS(World Powermoves Series) Battle Winner
2017 Rome Fluido jam Battle Winner
2018 Korea Battle Pro 8on8 Winner
2018 France Lille Battle Pro World Championships Crew Battle Winner
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